Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Opitimizing Web Page

Optimization of a web page is one important point in search engine optimization scheme. Many of webmasters does not realize that their sites are over populated with widgets and picture links to servers which are slow because of overly populated.

When you visit a web site, you will notice at bottom left of your browser, links that are associated with the web site being crawl and uploaded into your computer so enable you later on to see what are inside the web site.

Sometimes you will notice that as your browser crawled, certain links of a site is being repeated over and over again. This reading and verifying takes longer time and sometimes you get bore of it and just skip the site and go to other sites which take faster to load.

So the chance of being visited is less and this really hurt your site rank in the virtual world because your site takes time to load.

So this is what you must do:

  1. Check your widgets. Some webmasters love to add widgets to beautify their site because of fashion oriented, but as a function, the widgets really hurt the site. So throw away unnecessary widgets “Keep it Lite and Simple”.
  2. Many of us host pictures in sites call bucket thingy. But the server of “picture bucket” what ever you may call it, is over populated and really takes time to read and verify your pictures. This is what I do. I upload my pictures associated to my Parent site into a Blogger site and I call it “My picture Bucket”. The speed of pictures link being uploaded into your Parent side is very fast better than a third party bucket sites.
  3. Make the pictures inside your posting as lite as possible, decreased the pictures’ weight from mega bytes to just a few kilo bytes. It can be don’t by decreasing the size or change their format. You can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Well this are a few examples, the key word is Keep It Lite and Simple, but of course with great non spammy contents. I can assure you that visitors will crawl in like ants to sugar. (How to increase Google Pagerank Easy Way)


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