Thursday, September 23, 2010

"lol , is this you" Facebook virus

Couple of hours ago I received an urgent posting from abc News which warns us that a virus is spreading through the Facebook's network. "They have also wreaked havoc for me and several of my friends' computers. It usually happens with new users who aren't aware and teens that click on every thing" Rechelle Harrion commented in abc News status post.

The virus spreaded through Facebook IM saying "lol, is this you" followed by a link. DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK !!!!, because it is a door knob to spread the virus to your computer. The virus access you Friends data and spread out to all your friend in the Facebook.

So how do we deal with it, here is a good comment from a friend.
"I did hear about a virus going around on fb but I had no idea how many there were out there but I guess we gotta expect these things because fb is a part of the internet and with that comes hackers,virus and i know friends of mine have had their fb accounts hacked into as well. We just have to be more aware of what we do here to protect ourselves and our friends from unwanted virus etc thanxs for the heads up abc news:)" according to Charmaine Nefertiti Conaghty.
"Never click on links you didn't request or are from people you don't know. Same goes for your regular email. Common sense people, curiosity isn't worth what these hacker f--ktards are spreading". Great advise from Martin Matthes.
Like he just commented, I guess we must be careful about opening links unknown to us.


imriz said...

lucky for me, i hardly opened up links @ fb:)

lina@happy family said...

Thanks for reminding...