Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lightening Picture Blog Strategies : Part 1

I have many friends, who loves photography, painting, designer clothing, modelling and cooking. All these blogs involve lots and lots of photos being uploaded into their blogs. But that is not the problem, because all of these pictures are excellent quality pictures decorating their blogs and some of them are promoted to be sold online. The main problem is, the blog become heavy to load. When someone is visiting, becomes frustrated because it takes time to see its content. Especially if that someone is having slow internet connection. I can assure, that someone will skip the heavily content blog. What a waste, especially if that blog is promoting products online.
So, what is the solution ?
Sometimes ago I used a widget called LinkWithin. It is a free widget and works by showing your previous contents' pictures link. See example below, it belongs to one of my friend.

To enlarge click on the picture
From :

To enlarge click on the picture
From :

After inserting codes provided by LinkWithin, all your previous content's picture will be shown at the bottom of every past and present post. These picture links are clickable, warping you to old posts inside the web site or blog.
After installing the LinkWithin widget, go to your Blogger's Dashboard - Design - Page Elements - Edit (Blog Post). Configure Blog Post, change the "No of Post on Main Page" to less than 7 post per page. If each of your total pictures in each post is weighing 1-2 Mb, change the it to 1 or 2 post per page.


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