Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lightening Picture Blog Strategies : Part 2

In this second part of Lightening the weight of blog post pictures is by changing the picture format or by compressing the image using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Here is one example :

This image is weighing 0.98 Mb (980Kb) (.BMP format)

So, just imagine how heavy if each post contain 3 or 5 of these heavy weight pictures. Therefore in order to make the post as lite as possible, each picture must weigh about below 150 Kb without decreasing the original dimension of each picture.
Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a build in program to support other MS Office programs such as Words or Excell. MS Office is commonly found around the world.
So, here what we are going to do.
  1. Before uploading a picture in to the web, it is very important to check the weight of the picture. Is it just a few Kb or a heavy weight as much as Mb.
  2. If the picture is too heavy, decrease the weight to just a few Kb using MS Office Picture Manager or other available programs.
Here how it works using MS Office Picture Manager :
  1. Open the picture using MS Office Picture Manager.Click File - Export, Immediately an export bar appear on the right side of the screen. At Export with this file format change it to .jpg, then Export using this size choose Original size. The result is the picture weight decreases to just 91.7 Kb without decreasing the image dimension.
  2. At last upload the picture into the web.
The Advantages of this strategy are :
  1. Uploading process is faster.
  2. Make the web page load faster.
Well....., try it. It is fun and worthwhile.


lina@happy family said...

I've never used Ms Office Picture Manager before. I'm interested to try this...