Saturday, September 18, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Beta not for Windows XP Users

Today I wanted to tryout the new released version of Internet Explorer which IE9 Beta. After browsing around the Microsoft website, I found the link for downloading IE9 Beta. When I came to selecting the computer's operating system, I was amazed and confused. There was no option for Windows XP operating system.

So, I tried downloading it anyway, I choose Vista 32-bit because my XP is 32-bit OS. After 19Mb of waiting the installation failed instantly when run. Check out yourself (download link to Microsoft).
Later on I found out that Microsoft is barring xp users from using IE9 Beta which is only built for Vista Sp2 above.
In the marketing term, Microsoft is killing 53% world wide XP users to 22% Window 7. This will eventually dumped IE9 for XP because of the exclusiveness to Vista and W7. This will also damage the current reputation of Internet Explorer which is used 60.4% world wide, compare to Firefox 22.93% and Chrome 7.52% according to
Well...I guess, I will sticks to my reliable Firefox 4 Beta.


cath said...

this isn't the first time microsoft has shot itself in the foot...they never learn...