Saturday, September 18, 2010

Acid3 Browser Test for Firefox 4 Beta vs IE9 Beta

The Acid3 test (wikipedia) is written and develop by Google's employee Ian Hickson, which tests the performance of browser compliance to elements such as DOM (Document Object Model) and Java script. The third version is upgraded from the first and second, which complies and focuses on interactive modern technologies such as Web2.0, ECMA script(java script), DOM level2 and CSS3. Which all of these available inside Firefox 4 Beta and Internet Explorer9 Beta.
Since I don't have IE9 Beta in my computer (see why), I used results from official Microsoft sites test result as a reference to my own test I am about to perform.
Below is the result taken from official Microsoft's site, IE9 Beta acid3 test result.

IE9 Acid3 test result from Microsoft official site

Before doing Acid3 test, make sure that the browser is in its default setting, which mean raw without any modification what so ever. Then go to Acid3 test official site and instantly the result will be shown.
The result of my own Acid3 test on Firefox 4 Beta is..........

I was amazed by the result, my Firefox 4 Beta outranked the IE9 Beta's result by two points. The result shows that Firefox 4 Beta complies to the Acid3 test standard better, especially to java scripts.
After seeing this result, I think, I will be faithful to my Firefox 4 Beta. (
F4 Beta download)