Monday, September 20, 2010

Search Terms Which Endanger Your Computer

There are many dishonest people out there in the virtual world who take advantage through the internet connectivity to your computer. They slipped in malicious software such as spyware, pop-up ads, malware into your computer without you ever noticing, especially with a weak antivirus, turned of firewall or turned off pop-up blocker.
Software download is the most common risk of virus infection in your computer, which then eventually disable it or slipped out valuable information such as your bank account no, passwords or valuable data available in your computer.
How did they do it in the first place? Very simple actually, they look for crowds in the virtual world. They are using most commonly used search term, such as "free games download","free ringtones download", "free Mp3 download", "online games","antivirus download","free registry cleaner","free rank widget","web visitor counter","free porn download", many more.
In order to be safe from virtual world viral infection, keep your operating system updated, firewall and pop-up blocker on. Also don't forget to install antivirus and keep updating it.


eden said...

Great info. Thanks for sharing.

lina@women's perspectives said...

Thanks for the advice :-)