Monday, September 13, 2010

Source of Posting Ideas

There are many sources ideas you can find for your posting. There are the good old newspaper, library, world around you or the internet. Many people now days prefer the internet for their source of information. Even the good old newspapers and libraries are going online. All of these information sources are supported with feeds, which are updated 24/7 with out stopping. We can tap into these feeds, by subscribing through e-mail, widget or other medias such as the Facebook.
My present source of ideas are mainly come from inside the Facebook supported by application known as Networkedblogs. Inside the network, it allows you to feed into many site feeds, such as abc news and thousand of sites with valuable source of information just in one screen without pains taking browsing.
After reading and researching from many different sources, we probably can figure out what to write for our posting. But let me remind you that copy pasting from your sources is not a good thing to do, because it will hurt your page rank as a future goal.


milodeke said...

Great advice you have given here! I am one who does most of my research on the internet myself, but I have been known to go old school and use papers and books to. Also it is in poor taste to copy others information, and in any situation where you feel you need to always give credit to the source and ask permission when warranted!