Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To be a Dofollow-er or Nofollow-er that is the Question

The main question is, what do you want to do with your blog ? Is it for making money or just for fun blogging ? If it is for fun blogging, all you have to do is posting and posting without any concern about Google pagerank nor Alexa rank. But if you your blog is for making money, then you have to be concerned about pageranks. In order to get good pagerank from Uncle Google and Aunty Alexa, you must understand the basic knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which are Nofollow or Dofollow status of yours or your friends sites or blogs.

It means that any hyperlink in the site is restricting search engine for giving any credibility or algorithm points to any out bound links which is bad for pagerank because you don't get any scores out of it.
If your blog is just for fun blogging, it becomes an advantage because :
  • Spammer will not come to attack your site, because they will not get any backlink (out bound algorithm points) out of it.
  • Honest people will come to your site giving honest opinions or comments.
  • Comments moderation are unnecessary because most of them are honest opinions or comments.
  • Your site will not give any algorithm points to any site linking with your site.
If your site is for making money with a Dofollow status, it is a disadvantage when linking with this kind of sites or blogs.

It means that hyperlinks in the site or blog is giving influence or algorithm points to outside links by unrestricted search search engine for going through all your site links and other links which are linking outside.
The advantages are :
  • Lot of comments coming to your blog for backlink traffic.
  • You will get lot of visitor coming which increases your page viewed and therefore increases your site pagerank.
  • People will buy link to your site.
Dofollow site is good for making money because many visitors come to your site, which mean audiences, which mean money. But the disadvantage of a dofollow status site is that you will get many spammer coming to you, which is why moderation is necessary to prevent such attack.

My blog is a Dofollow blog, what about you ?


milodeke said...

Well you have taught me a great deal today. I had no idea about any page rank or anything. Of course I have mainly always blogged on Myspace until the past coupe months I started on Blogger. Thank you for the great info!

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