Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to increase Google Pagerank Easy Way

Days ago I received email from Feedjit on how to increase your Google Pagerank, I found their tips very useful and woukd like to share it with you all.
Google Pagerank is widely use by many site owners to measure their sites reputation. It is measure 0 to 10 (0 no quality traffics and 10 huge high quality traffics). It starts off by giving everyone a score of (lets say) one. Then it starts walking through the link structure of the web (or the link graph as it's called in geek speak) calculating who is linking to whom. It figures out your score by looking at who is linking to you and who links to them.
The explanation regarding its algorithm itself is too exhausful to explain, so here is the summarized version on how to get high Pagerank through quality links.
  1. Never link your site to a low quality spammy site. Google will flagged you as part of bad neighborhood.
  2. Good link must come from good quality website or good neighbourhood. Good quality does not mean that the site you are linking to has high page rank. But the important thing is that the site has good quality content, unik and original.
  3. Focus on getting links if possible related to your site. 70% of your site links must be related to your site. If a good high quality site wants to link with you, never turn down the request although the site’s content itself is not related to yours. But keep focus on link building to sites related to yours.
  4. Only link to a high quality site no matter how badly someone wants to link with you.
  5. Content with link texts is very effective way people will immediately see the links and often clicked them, because they want to understand more about the story related to your content.

One last note: If someone links to you, make sure they're not including a nofollow attribute. That will cause the link to not pass any pagerank to your site.