Friday, August 20, 2010

Train Carriages for Women Only

It is not the first time PT. Kereta Api Indonesia state run train service propose such program. Back in the end of the 90's, I remembered the state train service had done the same program, but it did not work according to plan because of weak security and budget which fail to segregate the women passengers from the men. I remembered, during the rush hour in the morning and evening, the train waiting platform was full with mix gender people. When the train arrived, there are no control, everyone just rushed in into the carriages, even though it was marked Women only.
I hope the new generation of service supported with excellent budget and security, women can travel in comfort with out being harrased sexually.
If I may suggest, state train service must build a special platform for the ladies, this makes it easier for them to enter the train carriages marked specially for them.