Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cannot open Gmail or Yahoo mail

Sometime ago I had this problem for not able to open my Gmail or Yahoo mail. I was so confuse, in Indonesia I had no problem what so ever in opening my mail anywhere in the country. But here suddently in Saudi, I cannot open all my email.
My computer is new, internet connection also new. I am using Zain as my broadband internet provider.
So what's wrong with my computer, I sometimes had problem going into Google and Yahoo. At first I tought my Windows and Internet Explorer was going berserk. So I intall a new Windows into the computer, the result is the same.
I search the internet and come across a solution which discribe what I have been going through.
It's titled and from the microsoft support :
You receive an error message in Internet Explorer: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
Here is the first thing you must do in case of such problem occur.
Method 1: See whether you can view another Web page
To do this, follow these steps:
Start Internet Explorer.
In the Address bar at the top of the browser window, enter one of the following addresses:
If you do not receive a similar error message after you enter one of these addresses in the Address bar, contact the owner of the Web site where you see the problem. The site may be temporarily offline or experiencing other issues.
Realising that the problem was not from the IE, I called the Internet provider for explainations. After a long conversation we come to a conclusion that the problem is with the unstable internet signal or the broadband signal si weak in my room.
But of course they will not tell you that they have bad server connectivities.
Couple of days after the phone call, I try to open Yahoo and Google to my surprise, everything work out just fine. I guess the problem was not from my computer or the program I am using, but the issues was with the internet provider and the connectivities.